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Double-O 30: Pierce Brosnan

. . .in which we present all of our Double-O 30 segments from the PIERCE BROSNAN 007 films | A Double-30 is a segment where host Arturo V. Leon II & Scott W. Obermiller summarize a film in 30 secconds | For those James Bond fans [new or seasoned] that want to catch up on all the Bond films before watching SPECTRE, especially the Brosnan era for those that like 90’s action films, or for those that want to understand all the references from SPECTRE, or for those just looking for 007 film summaries! follow us: twitter.com/BondingOverBond | like us: facebook.com/BondingOverBond | online at lionizepodcast.com/bondingoverbond | Presented by the Lionize Podcast |

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